Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact bikeiberia?
You can call, send an email, fax or write us a letter. We are happy to provide you requested information and advice, but also to listen to your suggestions. Contacts.

What is the maximum number of people in each tour?
Cycle Touring Guided tours will normally be of 6 to 12 participants. Mountain Biking tours will normally be of 6 to 10 participants, except on 1 Day Tours and 3 Day Tours where it can be from 2 or 4 to 12 participants. In Tailored tours number of participants will be determined by the group and accommodation limits.

What type of bikers come on tours with bikeiberia?
Participants usually know that biking is great way to move around, in special for those who love to travel, explore and discover, while living meaningful life experiences! There are always some expert participants and novices being introduced to the activity, mostly are cyclist travelers in between these two small groups. They may be single or married, young but mature people or lively souls! Most people are around 25 to 60 years of age.

Who are the Instructors-Guides on the tours?
Your Tour Leader is broad experienced and English fluent, able to perfectly understand and accommodate cultural differences. Other guides and staff are always Iberians, who know so well the region, the routes and the places we will be visiting. While scouting routes and preparing tours we establish good relations with local inhabitants, being able to then show you what is worth seeing in a natural and interesting way. Due to experience, knowledge and sensitiveness of our Instructors-Guides, you can count with their efforts in finding pleasant solutions for your special moments or specific interest.

What will the weather be like?
Our diverse climate is ideal for cycling it just depends when and/or where you want to go cycling! We recommend that you do bring some rain gear; however, equally we recommend you bring suntan lotion and a sun hat! Weather is not easy to predict especially when adding the fact Portugal and Spain make a vast and diverse territory.
We have coastal areas and low altitudes vs. inland areas with medium altitudes and mountain areas. NW and Northern Iberia have a Continental clime, SW and Southern Iberia is mostly Mediterranean, Central Iberia has definitely a Continental clime.
Lower altitudes and Mediterranean climates are usually mild
and great destinatins for biking throughout the year,
this included e.g. Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Caparica, Arrabida, etc
being particularly nice the Summer especially the coastal areas.

Medium altitudes and Continental climes have very high temperature amplitudes, Winter (late November to early February) is colder and sometimes rainy, Summers are short (July and August) warmer but dry (with low humidity).
Iberian Weather

Should I go on a Self-guided tour?
In order to maximize your understanding of the local culture and better encounter the hidden secrets of Iberia, we recommend that you sign up for one of our guided tours. However, if you prefer to travel independently and have more flexibility with your time schedule, you may want to consider a self-guided tour. With the self-guided tour, you will have your accommodations arranged, a quality bike ready and receive a Welcome Pack with your detailed itinerary and travel map. We will also transfer you from/to Lisboa. Luggage shuttling between accommodations is usually arranged for 4 or more participants only.

Where will I stay? / What is our accommodation like?
When on a bike tour with bikeiberia your accommodation may not be luxury, at least will be clean, comfortable and all rooms will be en suite or with private bathroom. All inns are recognized and classified by National Tourism Board. Where available you may stay at Historical Buildings with the finest Hospitality, often genuine convents & castles, Memorable! In country areas we tend to stay at Turismo Rural cozy and charmeful cottages or Manor Houses.

What is the Singles Supplement?
Our prices and rates are based on two sharing a room either twin or double beds. Some participants are travelling alone in our tours, they will be charged a Singles Supplement only if they wish not to share a room. We will make our best efforts but due to small capacity inns we may not be able to always meet this request.

What and where will I eat?
Normally a Continental breakfast, including some local foods, will be served in the hotel we are staying. In some places we will have to organize and prepare it ourselves. A great chance to cook something you miss from home? For lunch we like to serve a picnic when possible, based on local products and gastronomy of the area we are visiting, with quality cheese and wine, being a great opportunity to spent relaxing moments in wonderful country locations, without wasting precious daylight hours. For dinner we look for traditional restaurants and some of the renowned Tascas, for its food preparation, quality and atmosphere. We will always try to give you the chance to try different dishes from the rich and varied local gastronomy. Wine is included with all meals.

If necessary and when possible, we can order a vegetarian meal or other special diet to meet your requests.

What bike will I be using?
We advise you to use one of ours, saving you work, time and money for bringing your own. We are proud that our bikes are all up to international quality standards, and well maintained, to prevent us from disappointing you! For Bike Touring you will be using either a Cannondale front suspension with 27 gears or a wonderful hybrid Giant bikes-Shimano equipped w/ 30 speeds with hydraulic disc brakes, equipped w/ handlebar bag and rear rack. On Mountain Biking tours you will be riding a front suspension Giant Talon XT 30 speeds, with Rock Shocks front suspension forks. An optional full suspension Giant Trance or Anthem with 30 gears and hydraulic brakes may also be available. You will also receive with each bike a quality helmet to use while riding with us and for every two adult bikes a toolkit, which includes bike tools, spare inner tube and a patch repair kit.
To meet your bike riding preferences our bikes are prepared to be adjusted and suit different requests.

What roads will I travel on Road Ridings Tours?
We look for roads that link interesting locations worth visiting for its heritage, landscape, villages their people and culture. We have selected those roads where we found better tarmac and the least traffic, this is important for your safety. Along the day you will often find the ideal spots for the desired photos.

Most of the roads we ride are in good conditions, in some places you will be riding on ancient cobbletsonned streets, specially in historic town centers where they are being refurbished, or dirt roads.

How is a normal day in a bikeiberia tour?
In the Hotel Reception there will be information about scheduling. The day will start w/ a briefing presenting the day's route and options, while calling your attention to details of the heritage, landscape and curiosities. Self-Guided touring participants will leave after informing Tour Leader of their intentions for the day. Tour Leader will join at some point to stay among participants.

Mountain Biking participants will depart all together with the Tour Leader ready to give indications of the trails to follow, while discovering the region and its enchantments with you.

In both cases our Backup Land Rover will supply cool drinks and snacks, so we can ride with a smile, and prepare wonderful picnics in the most incredible places

Do I have to carry my luggage on a tour?
No, if your tour has back up or luggage transfer pre arranged. Your luggage is carried in the support van or shuttled to your next accommodation. All what you need for the day is a camera, book, glasses, can be taken on the bike handlebar bag or on a Daypack. You can leave anything you may need for the day in the vehicle too. When you arrive to your accommodation you will have your luggage there.

What is included in the price of a tour?
In our tours we may include bike and helmet, plus accommodation, meals, transfers, our service with native guides, entrances for monuments and shows, and more. For more information please check the details of the individual tour you're interested in.

What level of difficulty are the tours?
We try to balance a challenge to your Physical ability and Learning through experiences you will live with local inhabitants, their ancient traditions and cultural values, traditional architecture, wild life, on a desired approach to the Iberian lifestyle.

We believe that biking is a great way to discover a region, and there are always options to please everyone, both those who really want to exercise and those who prefer a more leisure approach, at any moment you can take a lift with our back up vehicle.

If you are physically active and used to ride a bike 2/3 times/week, if you are fit, do not let the possible level of difficulty on a tour stops you from travel and discover the region you want to.

How far will we cycle everyday?
Distances are always subjective. The same distance Mountain Biking requires more energy, time and fitness than road Cycle Touring. In Iberia it is rare when climbs are too long or steep.

A normal day will include 4 to 6 hours biking. Those who are faster may take less time. There will be plenty of time to be among locals, sightseeing, shopping, and to have a Bica (tasty expresso coffee) or Imperial (beer glace) on a terrace!

What to do if my partner is more (or less) active than I am?
The fact that you are on holidays together does not mean you have exactly the same interests and tastes. Our tours are flexible and designed to suit different capabilities and interests among the group. Your partner may just ride around the town, go sight seeing and shopping or just read on terrace while enjoying the sun and a drink! There is so much that you will experience on your travel here that it is good to have someone special with you to share it.

What if my Partner is not into Mountain Biking? What is your "Road Option"?
If you've signed up for a mountain biking tour, but your traveling partner would prefer to road ride, no problem, we can accommodate you both! Our mountain biking tours labeled with the "Road Option" provides an opportunity for a biker to ride roads which are in the vicinity of our mountain bike trails. With the "Road Option", you will receive a detailed itinerary where you be able to meet up with the rest of the mountain bike group at different points during the day. Our Leader Assistant and our backup vehicle will be taking care of you. Alternatively, if a group of road cyclists is interested in one of mountain bike tours, we will be happy to redesign the ride for road cycling.

Should I take a Sampler ride or a bikeiberia Adventure?
It depends on how much time you can afford for cycling and for your holiday.
Our Sampler rides offer a brief yet deep insight to the country with a chance to discover and experience what most visitors would probably miss. BikeIberia Adventures are a great opportunity to experience Portugal and Spain at their best for those who can afford more than just 3 days for a bike tour.

Do you have special prices for groups?
Yes. If you have a group of 6 or more reserving at the same time, we will offer you a discount and we may be able to offer special conditions and schedules to meet exclusively your group requirements. Please contact us.

Do we get transfers on arrival or departure?
If our tour departure town has a major airport we will transfer you to your accommodation, otherwise we will arrange an airport departure time usually in the early afternoon to our country Begin town. On the morning following our Farewell Dinner we will transfer you to the appointed airport.

What happens if I can not stay the whole length of a tour?
Our office can usually make separate arrangements for those arriving late or having to leave early, to calculate the price we will apply a pro-rata plus a fixed cost of €120.

What support and information will I receive?
When you reserve a tour with us you will receive a Reservation information, with detailed information about your reserved tour and how to proceed for Tour Confirmation. When you Confirm your reservation you will receive a Confirmation Pack which will help you on better organizing and planning your trip. In both cases and at any moment we are here to answer your questions and doubts by e-mail or over the phone.

Up on arrival you will be given a BikeIberia Welcome Brochure/Road Book with historical and geographical notes, currency and temperature converters, detailed daily itinerary information and our suggestions for the great stay we want you to have while in Iberia!

Why book ahead?
Popular dates, locations and tours sell out well in advance! Don't be disappointed! Reduce stress! Don't waste time haggling with the hotel concierge. Lock in your price! Currency dips & price hikes won't effect you. Save vacation time! Plan & book now, not when you get there. Balance your vacation budget! Charge tours on this month's credit card bill. Ensure you experience the best of it with the locals.

When should I reserve a tour?
The sooner you reserve the earlier we can confirm place for you in our tours. Most participants will reserve 2 months and over in advance. If possible we will make our best efforts to confirm late reservations.