6 Easy Steps

1 Read Carefully
General information, Tour descriptions and what is included, our Terms and Conditions, read our FAQ's and if you have any question please contact us.

2 Choosing a Bike Tour
When you have decided which tour and the date you wish to participate, please fill in carefully the Registration Form and email it immediately for quick reservation. You must print and sign this form before emailing, faxing or posting it with your credit card details (if you choose to pay this way) to us. We will confirm within few hours our availability.

3 Download A Registration Form -- Bike Tour or Bike Rental
Charge your Deposit to your credit card to confirm your vacation!
Please download, print, fill in and sign, and Scan>Email, Fax or Post your completed Reservation Form

4 Reservation
Your reservation will be confirmed when we receive your deposit from €25, for bike rentals, and up to €330 (approx. US$300), for tours of 7 or more days, and a signed registration form. We will confirme availability and send you an email with your Reservation Info.

5 Final Payment
Read and sign the Waiver Form and send it to us together with your Final Payment on time. Final payments can be made by Credit Card, Money Order or Cheque. A receipt will be sent only if required. We will then send you an email for the selected service Confirmation Info including meeting information and directions.

Be prepared to enjoy your bike ride! You will travel to the most amazing places in Iberia, such as the Alentejo, where very few have been and even less on a bike!

Our Contact Info:
bikeiberia, Lda
Lg. Corpo Santo, 5
1200-129 Lisboa

Cell Phones: +351-96 963 0 369 or
__________ +351-96 242 3 455
Phone/Fax:_ +351-21 347 0 347